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Why WordPress Themes Are Necessary

07.02.19 01:16 AM Comment(s)

WordPress is the world’s most used content management system (CMS) and is most preferred by any Freelance Web Designer Singapore. WordPress powers about 29% of the web and it is quite popular among first time users as well because of its simple to use features.

When we create our website on WordPress, the most important way of distinguishing it from any other website and personalising it, is by using themes. Personalisation is a growing concern for a lot of website owners and marketers’. As the world technologically advances, and more and more people find it easier to build their own websites.


It is what makes a fundamental part of the digital strategies adopted by companies and brands to make a difference in their audience or clients’ minds and grow their own popularity. It can help establish a brand, drive sales and increase customer engagement. This is where the concept of WordPress themes comes in.


A WordPress theme is a stylesheet or collection of templates that can change the appearance of your WordPress website. Most of them are free, however, there are some that are paid. Often the main difference between paid and free is that the paid ones offer tech support.


Each theme comes with its own design and features, and website owners can choose between different themes to pick one that best defines and improves their website according to their needs, tastes and requirements. For example, if you have a photography-oriented website, you can go for a theme that arranges your pictures beautifully across the website.


There are many reasons for which using themes for WordPress and personalising your website can be advantageous to you.


Improves the User Experience

One of the important parts of marketing is establishing a positive connection between the brand and the customer. This cannot happen if your website looks like it was put together in a matter of minutes, as a part of a ticked-off box.

Customers want to feel like they have entered a whole new world when they open your website, and rich themes can help them feel this way. Creating a personalised experience by building a rich theme can make your visitors enjoy using your website and want to stay on it for longer and explore it further. This can mean that they are more likely to remember on your website and return to it again.

Stay ahead of the Competition

Make sure your competition isn’t offering a curated, personalised website experience to your audience, while you have stayed behind using a clunky, boring and unengaging website that makes your audience leave your website and use the competitors’.

Most of your customers are not going to care very much if the product you offer is better than your competitors. If you give them a clunky experience on your website, they will abandon it and go to your competitors’ site.

A large part of your audience is bound to care about this enough, so  they will even compromise on quality products or services that you have to offer. Using a boring impersonal website is a headache to someone who originally intended to be there for a long time.

Improve your SEO and revenue ranking

This is an effective way to improve your SEO ranking in search engines and improve chances of your audience finding you. Through a better user experience, you communicate to your audience that you want them to have an easier time surfing on your site.

This will inevitably mean that your site’s SEO ranking will go up. In addition to that, people want to feel important, even if they are on a website. Creating a more personalised experience on your site through WordPress themes is the online equivalent of creating a comfortable ambience in your shop for your customers to browse through.

Fulfil Audience expectation

These days, technology has advanced to a point where anyone can simply open their computer and use WordPress, Drupal or WIX and create their very own website from scratch, all without knowing even a line of PHP or HTML.

This also means that if a customer is going to use your website, if they find that it is not personalised with rich themes, they will think that you don’t seem to care enough about your business to focus on this important part of marketing.

Creating a beautiful user interface through themes can be the make or break point between whether your customers think you care about them or they think you’re callous. High expectations about having a website will mean that you simply cannot expect your customers to be happy with a sub-standard website.


Using personalised themes, you can offer your customers a brand-oriented, beautiful user experience that does your marketing and advertising for you. This is a very powerful tool that has become extremely important for businesses to adopt and make use of.


And like we mentioned, this is the kind of tool that anyone can learn to use, which means that you really don’t have an excuse when it comes to installing beautiful, rich themes that take your audience to another level.