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All you need to know about Logo Design – Interesting design facts

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Logo Design in Singapore is one of the most challenging job for Graphic Designers. Logo is often represented by symbols, text or images that helps people to identify a brand. Logo Designer should stay up to date with the emerging trends in logo design. If you wish to improve your logo design skills then this comprehensive guide is the best place to start with. Here we will take a look at the best possible ways to improve logo designing.

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Logo Design Facts

Use pen and paper

A pencil sketch provides you freedom, wobbliness and humanity to draw anything. The ease of using pen and paper allows you to work at a greater speed. You can get a logo faster on paper than on a screen. In order to bring out your creative side, it is important to sketch.

Hence, you should do it as and when something comes in your mind. Who knows, some brilliant idea might have lost in your mind, had you not sketched it. Sketch every single ideas on paper even your bad ideas as well.

Study design theory

You can learn a number of things without having a proper degree, many online websites offer regular classes both paid and free. You must also have knowledge on the basic principles of graphic design like typography, colour theory, grid theory and the golden ratio.

Knowledge of main logo design categories

You must learn or have knowledge about the main logo designs. Some of the major logo designs are done using icons or symbols, logotype or wordmark, Lettermark, combination mark and emblem.

Icon or symbol: Ex: Apple, shell

Logotype or wordmark: Ex: CNN, coke

Lettermark: Ex: GE, IKEA

Combination mark: Ex: Microsoft, Walmart

Emblem: Ex: BMW, Stella Artois

There are certain primary logos like literal logos, abstract logos. Literal logos are those that directly use the brand names thereby directly connecting to the audience. The logo of Red cross is an example.

An abstract logo on the other hand makes the audience to interpret the brand or the business. 

Northwest Airlines use a Negative space logo which needs proficiency in web designing to deliver.

A completely new concept is the use of Responsive logos. These are dynamic in nature giving you a live view feeling. 

Yet another type of logo is the Expandable ones. They can be used to be expanded or contracted based on the business requirements.

Logo rotational effect

If you rotate the logo in a flip flop direction, it will give out proper idea of your design from various angles. Though it might appear to be perfect from one side, it may appear distorted or improper from another angle. 

Therefore it is important that whether you are using a wordmark or a symbol, you need to check it thoroughly before using.

Avoid complexity

Contrary to the usual belief, simple things can be eye-catchy too. To add to that, it is easy to remember a business that uses a simple logo. It shall stay in your mind for a long time. Hence, it is advisable to try out simple design techniques when creating a logo.

Use of colour

Colour is an important aspect and you should be choosing something formal, if you are not sure. The colour that you may like might not be the one that the client wants. Don’t put random colours into your logo design, just because they’re cool or because you copied them from another logo. Different colours have different meaning like blue says professional, tranquil, trustworthy and red says energetic, bold, sexy and so on. 

Working with font and layouts

If you work around with your text and images then you can find some new design and patterns. Good knowledge of fonts and design helps you in choosing the right fonts, font pairings, better alignments etc.

Read design books and blogs 

You will gain great knowledge by reading and following different design books and blogs. You must always be updated with the new trends of logo and designing pattern.

Accept critique

Critique is a fundamental part of logo designing. If you are likely to accept critique and use it to your advantage then you can improve your logo designing to a greater extent. If you want a better view of the project then you can share it with your fellow designers. 

Active participation in design communities

Participating in design communities will help you in growing your reputation. The best designers are those who communicate or share their ideas with the community during conferences or public meetings. 

Collaborate with a better designer

One of the best ways to improve logo designing skills is to collaborate with an experienced Logo Designer in Singapore. They may guide you in making a better design by implementing their experience with your knowledge. 

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