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8 important things you need to know about Logo Design

06.09.19 03:50 PM Comment(s)

It would be pretty dumb if I start with what is a logo as a professional logo designer, so let us start with why logo is important and then we will jump into what are the important things that you need to know logo design.

8 important things you need to know about Logo Design in Singapore
8 important things you need to know about Logo Design in Singapore

So, why do we need a logo?

Living in the digitalised era, what else is more important than a symbol that can be used in any medium and in all advertising strategies which will attract and provide a remembrance to the audience. Actually there is not even a question there, there is only a mandatory qualification that will help you enter the sea of business. It is like a gate pass without a logo, its like your company don’t even exist. Logo is an integral part of your brand, since it gives an appearance to it. Logo is considered as a face of a brand. So when there is an absence of a logo people cannot picturise the company, because how can we picturised something which is faceless?. Something which cannot be picturised can be easily forgotten, hence it is important to have a logo for your brand.

Having said why logo is important let’s jump into what you need to know about logo design. Below are the 8 most important things you need to know about logo design.walk me through these 8 steps and I bet you will get some insight about logo design. 

1. Start from basics

Always start from basics in whatever work you do. So start with the basic stuff like reading and understanding about the company, its objectives and audience. Think about what kind of logo will suit the company’s characteristics, a traditional one or trendy one.  Also make sure you are using a vector format while logo designing because raster will end up compromising the logo’s quality when stretched.

2. Avoid complexity
There is a wide misconception that complex logos are attractive and effective but what they don’t understand is that complex logos look bad when they are stretched. Therefore, the more simple your logo the more versatile it is. Also simplicity attracts more than complex designs because human mind prefer simple things rather than complex. 

3. Typography is also important
Fonts play a vital role in logo designing. It speaks about the personality of the company. A few companies think that font can directly influence the sales of a product. Fonts have characteristics and so do your company therefore it is important that your chosen font represents your company's characteristics. Never choose a font according to your personal likings and also don’t compromise readability. 

4. Colors plays the major role
Colors are also very vital, when it comes to logo designing. Colors have personalities. A research shows that 80% of customers say that color influences them a lot and helps them in brand recognition. Colors represent feelings and each color has its own characteristics. Depending upon the characteristics of each color, you can choose a color that you want to portray your brand. There are also multiple shades of each color. You can also use multiple colors in your logo. But make sure you color combo is good.

5. Timeless logos are the best
The best logos do not just stand out of the pack, they remain the same way for years. There is a wide modern fashion of following the new trend for designing a logo. But trends do change, when it does the credibility of the logo decreases, so you might need to redesign to keep up with the trend. But there are a few timeless logos that remain the same over decades yet they are appealing. Making a timeless logo requires thinking beyond trends. You should understand the human mind and learn what attracts it.   

6. Versatility is the key 

A good logo should be flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways, shapes and situations. For example, if your logo is not resizable then it limits the number of platforms that you can use for your brand marketing. Instead, if you make your logo more versatile, then it can be easily resized, printed, or placed on different media, making your brand more attractive. Even a good logo might become shaggy and illegible, when you shrink or enlarge it for your uses. One of the easiest ways to overcome this is to use a vector format 

7. Should be relevant

An effective logo design should be relevant to the market and the company’s target customers. More importantly, they clearly communicate a brand’s personality and identity. A primary component is the use of colors in your logo, which can trigger different emotions and show your brand’s personality to consumers. Fonts also have characteristics as previously mentioned. Overall, the logo should speak about the company rather than just representing.

8. Make it memorable:

The ultimate goal of a logo is to attract customers and make then connected to your brand. When consumers remember your brand, it will pretty much increase your sales. Memorability is the key to sales. When consumers can easily recall your brand, they are more likely to prefer your product over others. A memorable logo should be unique in its design. There are millions of logos in the world, but only a few do we remember. Therefore, make sure fall in the memorable category. 

 If you would like to learn about step by step guide to design a logo, then go through this article How to Design a Perfect Logo.