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Why should you use WordPress for your Website – 10 Things to consider

12.02.18 07:49 PM Comment(s)

WordPress is the world’s most used content management system (CMS) and is most preferred by any Freelance WordPress Developer Singapore. WordPress powers about 29% of the web and it is quite popular among first time users as well because of its simple to use features.

Why should you use WordPress for your website – 10 Things to consider
Why should you use WordPress for your website – 10 Things to consider

If you are yet to decide between WordPress and another CMS platform, then you can read the below advantages of WordPress before deciding on the same.

1.Free to Use – WordPress is a free CMS available over the web, and it is absolutely free for commercial as well. WordPress is open source, which means you can modify and use as you wish without a need to get any permission and customize your website and its functionality to the way you like.

2.Ready to Use – Youcan start developing your website on WordPress as soon as you install and configure the same.

3.Free Plugins – Most of the plugins are available for free. You can install the plugins with an easy click and can configure according to your requirements. The free plugins available covers almost the functionality that is required for a business website setup. Unless you need a specific requirement, you can go in for premium plugins.

4.SEO Friendly – WordPress websites are search engine friendly. Google gives a little higher value to websites built on WordPress CMS.

5.Secure and Safe – WordPress constantly updates the CMS to stay secure from hackers. However, developers need to be cautious in installing plugins. Always you need to install the plugins which are from trustworthy source.

6.  Responsive – WordPress themes are mobile friendly, you need not put in extra effort in customizing your website to be compatible to mobile and devices. Search engines rank websites which are mobile friendly higher than the websites which are not responsive.

7.  Support – Online forums, heaps of tutorials, solutions are available over the web for WordPress. Hence it is very easy to track your issue and get it resolved with the sources available.

8.  Integration – WordPress has the ease of integrating with many 3rd party platforms. Email campaigns, newsletters, payments etc can easily be integrated to a WordPress website with the readily available plugins.

9.  Easy to Manage – Whenthere is a security update from WordPress or a Plugin Update, you can manage easily by yourself without a need to hire a Freelance WordPress Developer. However, if you have customized your website then it is better to hire a professional WordPress Developer to do the needful without spoiling the layout.

10.  Schedule Posts – In WordPress you can easily schedule the posts that you need to publish in your preferred timings and date. This is most preferred feature, if in case your majority of traffic comes in a specified time.


Apart from the above 10 listed features of WordPress, there are ample other benefits like multiuser capability, Membership service, Testimonials, publish content easily etc. Know more about website design and development in my Freelance Web Developer Singapore Blog. Without the difficulty of learning to code you can start using WordPress very easily.


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