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What are Web Fonts – Why is it important for a website

05.01.18 02:58 PM Comment(s)

Until few years back, before the vast development of web and mobile, print design ruled the world. As a Web Design Company in Singapore, we showed the design just like we intended the audience to view using print design. Things gets little trickier and upgraded as web and mobile design started to rule. When we are talking about web pages, the role fonts can’t be ignored.


They are essential because webmasters or freelance web designer singapore choose certain websites because of the fonts that are used in them. There are definitely certain things that are to be kept in mind while you use fonts. When you are creating a web page, you have to keep in mind of the fonts that are provided to you by the web editor. The font is never embedded in the web page. The web editor actually puts a preference list of fonts in the page. Supposedly, if you are creating a web page using Comic sans font, then web editors like Dreamweaver or Expression Web is going to insert the style sheet of the web page. The visitor might not have the same font. Instead, they can yes the one that suit their browser and content of the page.

Why is it important to use fonts?

It is important for you to remember that you don’t specify any single font. Even if you think that the font may be very common, there might be users who don’t have computers that support the font that you are using. Try to allow web designers to specify a list of fonts that are to be used on a particular web page. If a computer has Arial installed in it, the browser will use to render pages on the site. But if it doesn’t have it, then it might use something else.

These are some of the best fonts that you can use

  • Arial- This font is definitely one of the most used one. It can be included in websites such as, and This is a very beneficial font that is used by creators. Most users have this font installed on their computers.
  • Helvetica- This is somewhat similar to Arial. Hence, this is a replacement for Arial. Some also like to use the combination of Helvetica, Arial, and sans-serif. Helvetica typeface is at times used in preference to Arial.
  • Verdana- This is again similar looking to Arial. But the only point of difference in this is that the letters are larger with wide spaces. This font is supposed to increase the legibility. But the users complain that the font because of its wide spaces reduces the visibility. It becomes difficult to scan the text. It can be installed on Windows and Mac OS X systems.
  • Arvo- It is a geometric typeface family that is suited for print and screen. The family includes four cuts like the Roman, Roman Bold, Italic and Bold Italic. It is an open font that is distributed through the Google Font Directory.
  • Vollkorn- This is another interesting font that can be used in various fields and purposes.
  • Droid sans- A very funky font that can be used in fun articles. This is going to be very popular in the coming times.

Apart from the above listed fonts, a web designer can use the custom fonts available over the web. You can refer to Google Web Fonts for the font options available. Typography is more important for a website, apart from typography there are few other features we need to take care for a user-friendly website, you can check my previous article for common web design mistakes which needs to be avoided for a good user friendly website.