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By: Subraa | May 02, 2020

PowerPoint Design is important for any business meetings to clinch the deal or convey your meeting points more effectively. Powerpoint slide shows must be designed effectively and professionally to carry your messages more efficiently. A very big question in front of any business presenter is how can I stand out from the rest of the presentations when we have a few predefined templates which everyone else would also use the same. While the good news is you can avail PowerPoint design services Singapore at a very affordable rate now from the best Slide designers who have helped many corporate clients to redesign their PowerPoint slide show.

Killer PowerPoint Presentation tips for Slide show design
Killer PowerPoint Presentation tips for Slide show design

You can get rid of a boring presentation if you follow these simple steps to design your ppt slides. The first step to designing a good presentation is to skip using the default themes that are available with the software. When you have a template design, you try to fit your contents to that design which will eventually make your points lose clarity and importance. Start designing your PowerPoint slideshow design based on your content. Segregate your key points and form a hierarchical structure, start your layout based on the content. If you would like to add graphics based on the write up then start inserting high-quality graphical images or HD photos. Use relevant photos and which are bright enough to grab the attention of your audience. Do not insert too many graphics in a single slide just because it feels good to you, the PowerPoint presentations are designed for the target audience and not for the presenter. Keep it simple and spacious so your content will receive the required attention. In a normal slide, you could keep up to 10 lines for greater visibility, however, if you are adding graphics you need to check the length of the lines and if you feel crowded limit the lines to 6 or 7.

While designing the layout many slide designers forget to take a note of using legible fonts. A clear font with not much cursive or complicated, helps your audience go through your contents very easily without much distraction to the eyes. If you want to be creative then the script fonts or handwritten fonts can be used for the title text, but make sure to avoid them in the body texts. Designing a PowerPoint slide may sound simple but the fact is it is a little complicated as it has to be handled very professionally to make it interesting to your audience at a quick glance.

Subraa provides corporate PowerPoint design services Singapore, has ample experience in PowerPoint slide show design for leading polytechnics in Singapore and corporate clients. You can now Call or WhatsApp Subraa at +65 97957890 for PowerPoint presentation Singapore services and read more about the PPT slide design in my article.


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